Home Watch Services in Arizona – HawkEye Home Watch

At HawkEye, we serve the home watch service needs of the Arizona communities of Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Tonto Verde, Scottsdale and the Northeast Valley.

HawkEye Home Watch inspections provide a detailed report after each visit. We’ll send this report to you via email, fax, or U.S. Postal Service. If you need to file an insurance claim, our detailed documentation will confirm that your home is under the watchful HawkEye. When not watched by a professional, your home could be considered vacant, and your claim denied.

Interested in finding out what HawkEye Home Watch can do for you?

Excellent Service! We had no worries leaving our home in Mike's hands -he is very thorough and conscientious.

Mr./Mrs. Hill - Fountain Hills, AZ

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