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Are you accepting new customers for your home watch service?

Yes we welcome new clients.


Who conducts the home watch visits?

Owner/operator of HawkEye Home Watch Michael Padgett will make the visits.


How often are your home watch visits?

We recommend every two weeks. You can start and stop your home watch service as needed.


Are you insured?

I carry business insurance with a local agent and a business license from the town of Fountain Hills.


Will you contact us during our absence?

We will either email/fax/mail you a report after every visit. These can be used as documentation with your insurance company. We send pictures of anything needing attention and call if necessary.


Do you do property management?

We do not.


Do you offer live-in house sitting?

We do not.


Could our neighbors watch our house?

Neighbors mean well but often miss things like forgetting about filling golf cart batteries and letting landscaping dry up or overwater. Neighbors also have their own priorities and take vacations which could also affect how often or well they check your house. We care for your home as if were our own. We use a detailed inspection protocol not just a walk through.


Do you take care of pools?

Yes, for an additional charge I can check your system, clean the baskets, surface, and walls, and maintain the water chemistry. Any equipment changes (filters, pump, etc.) can be contracted.


Can you help us get some work done on a house we just bought?

Yes we can help with your immediate concerns like landscaping maintenance, irrigation system repair, furniture deliveries, painting repairs, etc.


Do you also provide pet-sitting services?

HawkEye can provide a pet sitter for additional charges.

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